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With Satisfied®Ad we offer you a simple and practical way to introduce your residential property for sale. We supply you with a signboard to place on your property that includes a web address that directs potential buyers to a web page ad exclusive for your property for sale. All you do is submit to us by email your full description, up to 6 photos and your contact information. Potential buyers will then have access to all the necessary information about your property at any time. Click the link below to see the sample webpage ad.

Subscription and Payment

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image We offer you a 6 month web page ad at $99.00 per property address. Each web page ad purchase includes 1 signboard (18" x 27") printed on both sides with a ground support. Each additional signboard and ground support is $49.00. Each additional request to amend your ad is $15.00. Begin with your purchase with PayPal® with or without an account. Than email us your your ad description (max 500 words). We will set up your ad the same format you send it to us. Include your property address, your name, phone number, email address, date available and up to 6 jpg photos (up to 1200 X 500 pixels for maximum clarity). Your ad will be live within 72 hours and your signboard will be delivered to you within 10 days.

Payment By Paypal®
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